Junior Sales(SH)
• Make your mama proud Join gams, an environment monitoring and management company, we use monitors and data to provide high level environment intelligence, tools to stay in control of your space and demonstrate sustainability. • It’s tough to sell a product you don’t believe in You've been doing the same pitch forever now and the rush of converting leads in key customers is not there anymore. The product you sell is like so many others on the market and closing a deal simply means be
The new member we’re looking for is: • Resourceful and smart: our market is growing fast and we’re looking for someone who would help us follow the leads we get from our activities or our partners. We are committed to the success of our partners so they can convert and close with our help. • An avid learner: our main product is a Platform as a Service, to sell it you need to understand the possibilities of our powerful and flexible solution and the needs of service providers & building manager
Position details • Experience: Sales or business education • Starting date: as early as convenient • Profile: Local or foreigner • Language: Mandarin (conversational), English (conversational)
上海市 - 上海市 - 上海市安西路100号
所属行业:IT|通信|电子|互联网 - IT服务(系统/数据/维护)
所在地址:上海市 - 上海市 - 上海市长宁区安西路100号
本科+ | 不限 | 北京市
本科+ | 3-5年 | 深圳市
本科+ | 不限 | 上海市
本科+ | 不限 | 北京市
本科+ | 3-5年 | 北京市